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Serving Up a Sweet Dish of Art

Serving Up a Sweet Dish of Art

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We Hope You’re Hungry

Artists Magazine presented students at Maryland Institute College of Art with a challenge: On a plain white dinner plate, create an interpretation of a dessert.

The artists, members of a Fine Art Illustration class taught by Matt Rota, eagerly took this prompt in different directions. They worked in a variety of materials — including ink, marker, acrylic, gouache and colored pencil — and took strikingly different approaches to create the art plates.

In preparation, the class studied the history of food art — from still life paintings by Dutch and Spanish Old Masters to contemporary artists Wayne Thiebaud and Will Cotton. “I tried to push the students not only to think about drawing things realistically but also to look at food as design elements and as abstract shapes,” says Rota.

He continues, “I think the forms that you can pull from food really lend themselves to exciting possibilities with drawing. This really became a lesson about the ways in which something as common as dessert can be made exciting through technique and how you can break a subject like that down and interpret it.”

The final art plates are so delectable, we just had to dish out a few to share with you. Warning: Before you start consuming the seriously sweet art below, be sure to grab a snack because you are about to be hungry. OK, you’ve been warned. Now it’s time to enjoy the art!

A Seasonal Staple

Feel your mouth watering? You’re not alone! Being that we are officially in winter here in the states, cozying up to a hot cup of coco sounds pretty great right about now.

Take a Treat

When it comes to art plates, Alex Castellon’s ingredients include a dash of real, a serving of creativity and a massive helping of fun. And we are loving it.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Do you see an ice cream glob raising a half-bitten cherry in the air while it attacks a bundle of broccoli, too? We’re not mad about it though. We know veggies are nutritious, but ice cream is just oh so delicious!

Speaking of Ice Cream…

Not going to lie, it is a little sad that this painted plate isn’t actually edible. From the sprinkles to the colorful assortment of ice cream possibilities to the candy trickled around here and there, we want it all!

Sass Meets Sweet

What’s your favorite element in this painted plate? Is it sassy girl dressed to impress sweet-tooths everywhere, or is it the dessert landscape? (Yes, you read that right: We said a DESSERT landscape.)

Life of Pie

From the plate painted on the plate to the delectable pie, it’s hard not to take a bite out of this one.

Dessert Dynasty

We’re not entirely sure if this is a cake castle, a sundae suite or a strawberry temple. But whatever it is, we want to go there.

Choose Wisely

Why limit yourself to one dessert, when you can have them all?

What would you paint on your art plate? Tell us in the comments!

Watch the video: Frozen treats that will have you missing summer! Ice Cream Hacks By So Yummy (June 2022).


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